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A crucial aspect to which IMAS AEROMECCANICA Srl has paid much attention concerns the Safety Systems of the proposed plants: All the products are guaranteed and certified in compliance with the current Technical Directives (DIR 2006/42 / CE, DIR 2014/34 / UE, DIR 2014/30 / UE, etc.) and are manufactured with controlled and traceable processing and materials in every production step. IMAS AEROMECCANICA Srl manufacture internally Diverters and Panels for venting explosions, working under quality control, so that plants are equipped with ATEX protection devices certified with EC Type Examination Certificate nr. EUM1-10-ATEX-0298.

All our business processes adopt a system of quality management certificate EN ISO 9001:2015.

The antiexplosion panels act as relief devices of the over-pressure generated from a possible explosion and constitute the system of protection ATEX known as "venting". Tests and studies treated in our technical department of research and development allow us to market products with the safety requirements necessary to preventing and reducing the risk of explosions, in accordance with the requirements of Directive 94/9 / EC - ATEX

ATEX non-return valves

They prevent the transmission, in one direction only, of the dangerous effects of a pressure wave and flame of an explosion, isolating the potentially explosive atmosphere area of

Fire dumpers

Necessary to isolate the environments crossed by the ducts of the suction system, they are practically mandatory in all those cases where a possible fire of the Filtration group, placed outside, through the suction duct connected to it, transfers the flames to the inside the production plant. The working principle is simple: the damper or the valve remains open by means of a "fuse" set at 72°C, which in case of higher temperatures melts, letting the damper fall by gravity, As for the valve, it closes due to a preloaded spring , with the further advantage that, unlike the shutters, it can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The choice between valves and dampers is essentially linked to the type of material that will pass through them. The shutters, used for horizontal installation only, are suitable forshavings or filamentary materials, supplied with double certification, REI and ATEX II 2D T6 / T85 ° C X and equipped with position micro switches. The valves are not suitable for filamentary materials or shavings, which can get stuck on the open valve disc. They also have only the REI certification, however they are less expensive, easier to install, preferred in all cases where the ATEX is not required. This is a solution for re-emissions of filtered air or for use with only dusts, fumes or oily mists, or it might be an obligatory choice when the upper part of the wall where the pipe passes does not have sufficient space. In extraction systems with oil mists, the possible installation of the damper involves a additional price to equip them with a sealing system, to avoid leakage. The "SF :: MP" series shutters are pneumatically reset, with integrated compressed air tank.

Explosion-proof panels

Explosion test

Our suppliers are selected carefully and regularly monitored, an attitude that has led to collaborations with established primarily Suppliers certified to ISO 9001

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Quality Certification ISO 9001


Explosion-proof Panel Certificate


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Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Our plants, certified and 100% produced within our factories, purify the air and protect the environment by adjusting the emissions of polluting factors into the atmosphere, both in Italy and in all countries of the world.

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