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IMAS AEROMECCANICA S.r.l. is proud to have, as Collaborators, a staff of professionals in every department of the company: starting from the first contact, IMAS AEROMECCANICA Srl Sales Managers, Mechanical Engineers and Professionals with decades of experience in the sector. They evaluate the first needs and make available their experience in formulating an economic proposal reflecting a technical solution that is certainly suited to the real needs of the customer; The technical, production and customer care departments ensure that the customer can be followed at every stage before and after installation and testing of the system. Skilled carpenters build, within the production site, everything necessary so that expert assembly teams can assemble every single component necessary for the full and functional construction of the Air Suction and Filtering System.

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Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Our plants, certified and 100% produced within our factories, purify the air and protect the environment by adjusting the emissions of polluting factors into the atmosphere, both in Italy and in all countries of the world.

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