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Our quality can be seen in all our products: from the complete Plant to the Dust Collector for the filtration of dust or shavings, from the Purifier for pollutants that are generated in some mechanical processes, up to the proposal of a GUARANTEED second hand filter that has the same characteristics as a new one. It is carefully chosen and undergoes a series of checks, maintenance, carpentry and painting operations. It is offered to our Customers in order to make the quality of an IMAS AEROMECCANICA Suction, Filtration and Purification Plant accessible to all.
To find out if we have a second hand filter available at the moment, please contact the representative sales manager.

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Our plants, certified and 100% produced within our factories, purify the air and protect the environment by adjusting the emissions of polluting factors into the atmosphere, both in Italy and in all countries of the world.

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