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We have acquired substantial competence in various sectors of mechanical processing: we treat all sorts of pollutants.

Sectors / Industrial Applications

IMAS AEROMECCANICA, founded in 1975 develops machines and processes aimed for creating air suction and filtration plants, with a view to save energy and reduce maintenance
Our experience allows us to boast numerous references operating in different production sectors:

  • Suction and filtration of fumes and dust from welding, carpentry and metal finishing operations;
  • Suction and filtration of dust from sanding/cutting/finishing of composite materials;
  • Dust extraction and filtration from boat outfitting processes;
  • Suction and filtration of dust and shavings from carpentry processes;
  • SOV suction and filtration with activated carbon filters from painting operations, manual/vacuum stratification;
  • Dust collectors and Purifiers with sleeves, cartridges and candle filtration system;
  • Coalescence purifiers;
  • Dust collectors and purifiers with ATEX components; etc.


IMAS AEROMECCANICA, founded in 1975 develops machines and processes aimed at creating air suction and filtration, with a view to save energy and reduce maintenance.

Our experience in building plants on the foundry industry allows us to boast a number of references operating in different sectors:

  • Sand casting
  • Shell casting
  • Metals refinery
  • Sand molded casting

The systems ensure the removal of fumes, aerosols and dusts from working with machines of different tonnage, die casting, melting and holding furnaces of various types and sizes during the melting and slagging processings; carousels, chain conveyor, melting lines, shake out machines

Our range of products includes dust collectors and purifiers suitable for treating pollutants in any form (oily mists, dust and odors): from the M23-M30 Series Dust Collectors to the Oiljet Series Purifiers (suitable for aluminum die-casting), Carbocubo with activated carbon and Cyclones to scorify fumes from furnaces.

Our range includes filters designed and manufactured to bear processes at high temperatures

IMAS AEROMECCANICA is present in the sector of air suction and filtration for over 49 years, proposing as a design manufacturer and installation company of plants for the treatment of emissions in the mechanical processings

IMAS AEROMECCANICA, with its dynamic and flexible structure, operating in various sectors of the manufacturing of sheet metal, namely:


Concerning the welding operations, IMAS AEROMECCANICA investigates and designs solutions with the aim of satisfy the customers’ needs.
Our mobile filtering units series FSU99 are recommended for the filtration of welding smokes coming from non-continuative working conditions.
For continuative working conditions IMAS AEROMECCANICA designs and realizes centralized filtering systems which use metallic cells, series FWS, or equipped with fiberglass pocket filters, series FTS. The smokes and micro dust produced during the welding operations can be captured by our mobile arms series BM or by use of new conception suction walls, whom are endowed with sound-proof panels to reduce the sound impact


We are able to offer a variety of solutions for all the needs resulting from the grinding, such as the construction of soundproofed rooms and booths or modular solutions through the use of suction soundproofed walls. The powders resulting from this operation are effectively retained by our dust collectors series D-PHC, DC, M-23, M-30


Thanks to our long experience in this field, IMAS designs and manufactures complete systems for the extraction and filtration of dusts resulting from the thermal cutting. If the machine does not have it, we are able to provide modular tanks equipped with micros and pneumatic valves to limit the intake only in the areas affected by the cutting torch. Thanks to the cartridge filtering units series D-PHC, DC, M-23, M-30, we are able to reduce the concentration of dust resulting from the activities of:

  • Laser cutting
  • Oxygen-flame cutting
  • Plasma cutting


IMAS AEROMECCANICA proposes innovative solutions for the filtartion of the waste of metal finishing processings, thanks also to the wide range of dedicated products.
The wide range of sleeves and cartridges dust collectors series M and series D allows the filtration of dusts produced in the finishing processes such as sandblasting.
Whereas the range of carbon filters series CARBOCUBO are suitable for the surficial workings such as the pickling process, in presence of solvents or aggressive agents.
Others workings dealt by the IMAS filtering technology are :
- Grid blasting;
- Milling;
- Filing;
- Polishing;

  • Sandblasting
  • Milling
  • Filing
  • Buffing

In the mechanical processings IMAS AEROMECCANICA solutions are at the forefront of the construction of plants suitable to treat fumes, dust and oil mist arising from the process of manual or automatic machining tools


  • Tools Sharpening
  • Generating gear processings
  • Turning / milling
  • Grinding
  • Spark erosion
  • Moulding
  • Shearing
  • Hot Moulding


One of the sectors in which we have invested most is that of mechanical processing from which pollutants of various kinds develop, with a prevalence of oily mists. The range that we propose differs according to the type of pollutant, with different characteristics depending on whether it is to filter mists derived from mechanical processes with the use of cooling lube whole oil or water-based oil emulsion.


With the experience gained in decades, we are able to provide bag or cartridge filtration systems of our series D-PHC, DC, M-23, M-30 suitable for the separation of dry dust resulting from such operations. Our range of models is able to satisfy any requirements of the customer and are suitable to be applied to the following processings:

  • Tools Sharpening
  • Generating gear processings
  • Turning / milling
  • Grinding
  • Spark erosion
  • Moulding
  • Shearing
  • Cutting

Hot moulding

Thanks to the experience gained in 49 years, IMAS AEROMECCANICA is able to provide filtration systems with sleeves or cartridges series D, DC and M suitable for the separation of dry dusts coming from the above-mentioned workings.
Our wide range of solutions is able to satisfy every kind of need and are especially suitable for these processings:
- Tools sharpening;
- Metal Gear process;
- Turning/milling;
- Grinding;
- Spark-erosion;
- Forming;
- Blancking;
- Cutting;
Besides the traditional solutions that consist of pocket filters series FO-T, IMAS AEROMECCANICA has developed a specific product range of filter units that takes advantages of the principle of coalescence to carry out the separation of oil mists and fumes, coming from mechanical processings. Our units models OILMATIC, OILJET and MCH represent today the best available technology (BAT), as determined in accordance with the directive IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control).

IMAS AEROMECCANICA S.r.l., founded in 1975, develops machines and processes aimed at the creation of Air Intake and Purification Systems, with an eye to the safety of operators, energy savings and the reduction of maintenance costs.

We operate in different production sectors and therefore treat pollutants deriving from the processing of the most varied materials, from carbon fiber or glass powders, aramid fibers, matrices of phenolic resins and not for prototyping, advanced composite materials (ACM) etc, generated by the operating machines involved in the works such as sanding/ cutting/ finishing of composite materials that are normally generated in companies in the aeronautical/ aerospace, military, automotive, refrigeration, components, prototyping, etc.

The range of air purification machines in our program is very wide, both for applications in Low Pressure (mod. M23-M30-DT), and specific machines for High Pressure (mod. DAP) with functional resistive design specifications up to 30,000Pa of vacuum. Not least, the use of filter elements cartridges or sleeves, innovative such as nanofibers or other high-tech materials.

Given the peculiarity of the applications including the materials in question, the safety of operators remains a MUST for IMAS AEROMECCANICA S.r.l., for which all our dust collectors are equipped with ATEX EX II D certified vent panels declined then in the various definitions of Area required by the application and expandable, both for internal and external installations.

For over 49 years, IMAS AEROMECCANICA has been leader in the design and implementation of air suction, air depuration and dust filtering plants. In plastic industry IMAS AEROMECCANICA proposes the wide range of coalescence filtering candles purifiers. They are suitable for the filtration of smoke or emulsion mist oil generated in hot melt forming applications (injection moulding, die pressing, etc.) depending on the plastic material and additives used during the working procedure.

Thanks to the collaboration of some corporate clients who have allowed us to test our filter technologies, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL has developed a new filtration system by applying innovative technical solutions to the known method of coalescing filtration adopted in other sectors. IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL wants to provide its customers with the tranquility of full compliance with the current standards in the field of emissions into the atmosphere combined with the substantial reduction in running costs of the extraction system

The purifiers of new generation, in fact, have as main technical solution the filtering "candles" realized with the use of special elements fiberglass densely compressed. They can withstand heavy workloads without practically require routine maintenance.

The pollutant reduction occurs through two stages of filtration:

  • First filtration/agglomeration step of the smallest particles of oil or fine dust particles with common disposable filters or with inertial impact and/or cyclonic effect principle.
  • Second filtration/decantation step: the coalescence fiberglass candles are hit/crossed by the particles.

It is understood that the modular structure of the system will be designed and implemented on the basis of the present problems, with consequent installation of appropriate pre-and post-filtration systems


  • Automatic cleaning systems of the candles, temperature probes and levels, management of DeltaP by means of the electronic control unit with LCD display Imas "Ecoserial 1", management and control of the electro-fan driven by inverter for the real-time view of all functional parameters and alarm.
  • Lower decanting chamber endowed with clapet valve anti-back flow for the oil discharging.
  • Anti-explosion panels certified by IMAS available without extra price

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Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

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