Other processing sectors

From boating to graphics, from heat treatments on metals to galvanic, find out in which sectors IMAS AEROMECCANICA systems purify the air

Sectors / Other processing sectors

All filters, purifiers and accessories that IMAS AEROMECCANICA realizes for the abatement of pollutants produced in the working phases, are widely used in the following processings:
Die casting Injection, Furnaces, Melters, pending degassing, casting sand shakeouts, Welding and Spot Welding, Thermal Cutting, Grinding, Metal Finishing, Cleaning, Deburring, Sandblasting, Metallization and Polishing, Tool Sharpening, Turning/Milling, Gear Toothing, Grinding, Stamping, Blanking, Cutting, Recycling, Graphics, Chemical Plants, Polymer Processing, Heat Treatments of Metals, Galvanic, Painting.

Applications Other Processing

IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL is also present in the food industry, thanks to the many products that are suitable for the treatment of different types of pollutants.

The IMAS AEROMECCANICA suction hoods allow the collection of dusts present in many manufacturing processes of the food industry, such as dry powder resulting from the mixing of compounds, which can filtered according to the different needs of air deliveries and dimensions from dust collectors of our series M, F, D and DC as well as by our compact series CC and CO

The sectors that require specific competences are those of paper, cardboard, fabrics and all those materials that during the processing phases generate trimmings and residual dust. With ours Dust collectors M23-M30 Series with the Venturi System, we are able to manage any critical issues that may arise in Plants that treat filamentary material and powders of different granulometry, generated during the processing phases.

The range of products for the suction and filtration of IMAS AEROMECCANICA provides technical solutions adapted also to the field of Cosmetics

The dust collectors of the series D, CO, CC, F, DC and M allow the filtration of pollutants and dusts generated from cosmetics production, while the active carbon filters series CARBOCUBO are ideal for the removal of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) contained in paints, sprays etc...

With our experience in the industry for nearly 49 years, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL has developed the best solutions regarding the extraction and filtration of fumes and vapors arising from galvanic treatments

We may offer dry based solutions making use of sleeves/cartridge dust collectors (D, M-23, M-30) and wet abatement systems (SCRUBBER, HT)

The products of IMAS AEROMECCANICA for the graphics industry can satisfy the various needs of suction and filtration

The IMAS AEROMECCANICA suction hoods and crankcase, both in standard and special execution, allow the collection of pollutants such as printing emissions or dust resulting from cutting operations, while the dust collectors (such as series M, D and DC) allow the filtration. The purifiers series CARBOCUBO allow the filtration of pollutants like SOV. and COV, coming from the ink drying

Thanks to the experience and the know-how acquired over the years, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL has developed the best solutions with regard to the separation and filtration of pollutants resulting from chemical processings used by production activities such as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, refineries, incinerators / energy plants, biogas plants, power plants, cement factories, foundries, steel mills, paper mills, plants for the production of aluminum, systems for the production of fertilizers and pesticides

We design and produce plants according to the customers’ needs and different substances ( solid, liquid, gaseous) that must be removed from the air.
In particular our plants are used in the following:
- Acid gas removal, such as the hydrogen sulphide (H2S), hydrofluoric acid (HF), hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrocyanic acid (HCN);
- Removal of volatile organic compounds trough absorption/adsorption;
- Removal of smelly substance such as sulfured-based compounds, mercaptans, amines, volatile fatty acids, etc.;
- Solvents recovery;
- Dangerous dust separators having risk of fire and risk of gas explosion;

  • Removal of acid gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen fluoride (HF), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen cyanide (HCN);
  • Removal of volatile organic compounds by adsorption processes
  • Removing odorous substances such as sulfur compounds, mercaptans, amines, volatile fatty acids, etc …
  • Solvent recovery
  • Separation of hazardous dust with a risk of fire and gas explosion

The wide range of IMAS AEROMECCANICA solutions provides in particular water scrubbers (HT), wet scrubbers, active carbon filter units (CARBOCUBO, CARBODUST)

With our experience in nearly 49 years, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL offers advanced technology solutions for the extraction and filtration of pollutants from processings of polymers. The wide range of available products are able to satisfy the different needs resulting from processings such as for example:

  • Hot muolding
  • Moulding (compression, injection)
  • Spreading
  • Drying
  • Mixing

These processes can produce a great number of different pollutants, depending on the plastic material of the starting materials and additives used during the processing itself. IMAS AEROMECCANICA provides filters with water abatement (HT), bags (FO), candles coalescence (OIL, OILJET, OILMATIC) or combined candles (FCG, FCGI) depending on customer requirements, which must be evaluated on a case for the case in order to provide the most appropriate solution

Since 1975, our goal is to contribute to improving the quality of work and the impact of industrial production on the environment, offering a service that makes factories around the world to fully comply with the regulations

IMAS AEROMECCANICA provides fixed solutions (complete systems) or mobile (compact groups) adapted to the specific needs of the various processes of the marine industries:

  • Aspiration and filtration of dusts from preparation vessels processings
  • Aspiration and filtration SOV (volatile organic substances) with active carbon filters for painting and drying processings.
  • Aspiration and filtration of dusts from sanding/cutting/composite materials finishing processings
  • Aspiration and filtration of dusts from welding, structural steelwork and metal finishing processings
  • Polymerizing/stabilization furnace epoxy resins
  • Air suction and filtering systems
  • Air suction and filtering systems oil mist / oil smoke mechanical processings

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of filtration, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL has developed several solutions to treat any type of pollutant that is generated during the process of recycling and recovery of waste. Considering the variety and multiple nature of the pollutants that may be generated, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL designs and manufactures complete and specific systems using both dry and wet abatements

Thanks to the range of dust collectors SEP series, DC, M-23, M-30, we are able to reduce the concentration of dust resulting from the activities of:

  • Recycling municipal solid waste
  • Handling and shredding of special waste (tires, waste electrical and electronic equipment, cables, ferrous and non-ferrous materials)
  • Processing and production of fuel from waste

We can also reduce and depurate odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by wet scrubbers (SCRUBBER) or active carbon filter units, our series CARBO-CUBO

In this field, our company has a primary experience for the realization of purifying systems of fumes and aerosols resulting from the processes of tempering, hardening, carburizing, nitriding

With our range of filters OILJET model, we are able to provide an optimal solution for the treatment of pollutants thanks to the counterflow jet pulse cleaning system for cleaning the filter media from any dust and / or silicates

IMAS AEROMECCANICA also deals with the study, design and implementation of collection systems, such as hoods, hoppers etc..., through which the pollutants are collected and carried to the filter, ensuring adequate speed on both the front and along the suction pipings, in order to provide a customized high quality system

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Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Our plants, certified and 100% produced within our factories, purify the air and protect the environment by adjusting the emissions of polluting factors into the atmosphere, both in Italy and in all countries of the world.

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