Since 1975 we have been designing, building and installing aspiration and filtration systems for the woodworking industry and related waste treatment systems.

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The experience gained with hundreds of installations around the world allows us to provide the most suitable solution for every single customer need. IMAS AEROMECCANICA designs, builds and installs under the production quality control being certified EN ISO 9001/2015. The processes are carried out in compliance with the various Directives (Italian and European) aimed at operating at high levels of professionalism, legality and competence. We operate in compliance with EN 12779 + A1 and ATEX 94/9 / EC with components such as Dust Collectors and Purifiers, Silos, Non-return Valves, Explosion-Proof Panels and many other Components and Accessories directly produced by IMAS AEROMECCANICA and certified by recognized institutions.


In the context of processing, one of the elements that is produced during the working phases are the powders, which are harmful to the health of the operators carrying out the work and dangerous for explosiveness when they reach certain concentrations. For these reasons, IMAS AEROMECCANICA has worked over the years in designing and manufacturing Suction and Filtration Systems for air saturated with dust and shavings, using high quality materials, ATEX certified and which are suitable for any type of processing and for any work environment. The filters that operate in these plants use both the cleaning system with sleeves and cartridges depending on the wood to be processed. We include M23-M30 series filtering substations, DT series dust collectors, DK series dust collectors and a whole series of silos that make the range widely flexible, responding to all the needs of the market.

The products suitable for air filtration and depuration realized by IMAS AEROMECCANICA are quality guarantees. Direct or indirect evidences on quality products are findable in the final customer feedbacks and in several plants all over the world. Indisputable advantage is the high skilled ‘’CUSTOM CARE’’ service always available by the “HOT LINE SERVICE”.
‘’Ready to travel’’ engineers & technicians assure to our customers all over the world maintenance services which make this office very appreciated on the market.

The systems that follow are the most modern, safe and efficient can be found in the market

IMAS AEROMECCANICA invests heavily in security systems, confirming that the huge funds spent in the field of research and development, are addressed and aimed at improving the quality of life in the workplaces (dust and pollutants produced by various processes) and to prevent fires acting, with different technical means, to minimize the possibility that a spark to take its course

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IMAS AEROMECCANICA includes, in the wide range of dust collectors that it uses for the filtration of dust and shavings deriving from wood processing, a series of silos suitable for the filtration and storage of the material, equipped with all the technical devices (anti-compaction bridge breaking system, speed-controlled extraction system) and safety systems (Atex direction and explosion protection system, safety and inspection system, fire protection system) which make it a product suitable for the different market needs. Years of experience have ensured that IMAS AEROMECCANICA was equipped with a range of silos that differ in size and storage capacity. We include the Silos with 14-18-24 Panels, the Silos on Legs, the Polygonal Silos.

Filtering Silos 14 panels

Filtering Silos 18 panels

Filtering Silos 24 panels

Filtering Silos Mod. GB

IMAS AEROMECCANICA has invested much of its resources, in the development of technical solutions that can meet the needs from small to medium factories, daily engaged in a series of processes that require high efficiency, small size at low cost. Here besides the tested storical filters, IMAS AEROMECCANICA developed also new generation minisilos F PACK, etc ...!

IMAS AEROMECCANICA designs, manufactures and installs equipment for workshops and industries, including the suction ducts, the various filtration systems, storage of waste and following recovery for reuse in a THERMAL PLANT as alternative fuel.

The installation of energy recovery thermal plant from wood waste is now an established practice by both small and large factories.

"These plants know today a rapid spread being long time established their complete safety and affordability. This field IMAS AEROMECCANICA holds specific expertise, the result of a long experience.
IMAS AEROMECCANICA distinguishes by the quality and reliability of the products provided worlwide.


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Company Profile Wood

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General Catalogue Wood

Professional mobile filtering unit series “FC”

Professional mobile filtering unit series “FC”


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Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Our plants, certified and 100% produced within our factories, purify the air and protect the environment by adjusting the emissions of polluting factors into the atmosphere, both in Italy and in all countries of the world.

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